Concorde Baggage Services Inc. and Concorde Maintenance Inc. has provided services to the Calgary Airport since 1993.  Operating as Concorde Airport Services, we are continuously expanding our services to include the new International Terminal Bus and the Runway Development Project under the Calgary Airport Authority's Airport's Development Program.

Concorde has provided significant, continuous and expanding services to the Calgary Airport Authority (Authority) for many years.  A close partnership and mutual understanding has developed between Concorde and the Authority over this time period. 

Concorde is committed to partnering with the Authority in achieving its vision and objectives.  We are continuously looking at new ways to improve both productivity and customer service from all its staff members.  We pride ourselves on providing the best possible level of customer service to passengers, tenants, agencies and others, commensurate with the resources that have been approved by the Authority.

 Concorde maintains an open and healthy dialogue with key members of the Authority staff, including the Vice President of Operations and the Facilities Maintenance Director along with Authority Maintenance Managers, Technical staff and key personnel in Finance and Administration.  Over the years a strong sense of teamwork has developed between the Authority.  

Concorde and its staff have received written letters of appreciation and commendation from Authority staff, tenants and others for going above and beyond the call of duty.  While janitorial and maintenance work can often be routine and non-eventful, Concorde staff has recognized for going the extra mile and providing the added level of customer service under many difficult and unusual circumstance.

We are proud of our safety record as over 400 Concorde staff are employed at the Airport on a full and part time basis.  On July 19, 2013, Concorde received a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Safety Council for its Partnership in injury reduction and the development and implementation of an occupational health and safety  program.

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