Baggage Services Since 2005


Baggage Services

Concorde has been providing baggage services to the Authority since February 2005.  Our services include monitoring the baggage control room, responding in a timely manner to bag jams, ensuring baggage are inducted onto the right claim device, maximizing capacity on the bag claim devices and assisting customers with removal of heavy bags.

Concorde management and staff understand the critical importance in ensuring the baggage system operates smoothly and without interruption to ensure that flights can depart on time and that the passengers' luggage arrives at the destination in a timely manner.  Concorde also takes care to ensure the Baggage Handling System (BHS) is maintained in good working order to eliminate and prevent damage to checked luggage. 

Concorde will also be expending our baggage services to include the new international terminal baggage system that will be implemented in the International Terminal Bus.




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